Thursday, December 29, 2011

I feel like December has been a whirlwind...

I can't believe I have not posted since before Thanksgiving.  The Holidays always get hectic and I get distracted.  We went on a trip to my mom's in Mississippi for Thanksgiving.  Then we had a couple weeks of busy, busy, busy at school and then it was Christmas break.  I had every intention of working on some things for the new year (and I may still) but last minute runs to WalMart and making reindeer pancakes for my girls became the priority for the holiday.  :)  I have a few more days off so I will try to work on a few things for 2012.  Here are a few things we did in my class during the couple weeks leading up to Christmas.  I know it is late, but maybe it will be helpful for next year.  :)

Building sentences using a color code

Building sentences with sight words using Christmas bulbs

using magnet letters and little erasers to count one-to-one

Painted Poinsettias. After they are cut out you out red on green and glue yellow dots for the center.
They are really pretty all together on a bulletin board.

A Christmas mobile and writing activity

We love to become Sight Word Champions!   If they read all of the learned sight words by the end of the  9 weeks
they get to write their name on the chart.

These were Pinterest inspired.  My Grade Chair did them and then all of us in the pod had to do them too.  They are so pretty hanging from the ceiling, I don't even want to take them down.