Saturday, May 5, 2012

OH MY! I feel so bad!

I have really neglected my blog since Christmas.  I don't really even know why...I just got busy, lost my inspiration maybe?  Either way, I am sorry and I will be getting back on as of now.  I have been on Annie Moffatt's blog and she has given me my inspiration back.  Thanks for continuing to follow me and I hope I can still offer some good ideas to help you finish out the year.  I will be working on some things for my team this summer and I will be a much better blogger next year.  :)  Check back soon for my come back.

This is a St. Patrick's Day project we did.  We love art but find it hard to squeeze it in when we are so busy learning to read.  
OH WAIT!  I know what I have been busy doing.....starting another hobby...making CAKES!  I love it but it is very time consuming.  Here are a few of my best creations.

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  1. These cakes are beautiful! I am your newest follower.

    KinderKids Fun