Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Great Find for Math CCSS!

Hey all!  Just as many of you are, I am searching the internet, Pinterest and all my blogging friends to find fantastic ideas for next year.  I already have tons of stuff in my trunk that I have purchased to create my new theme for next year.  I am so inspired by my blogging friends, I just couldn't be lazy this summer.  I have been one here everyday looking for inspiration...and boy have I found it!  

I have been searching for anything and everything about the new Common Core Standards that I can find.  We started slow with our adoption of the CCSS and Kindergarten was only responsible for implementing the Math Standards.  Now this coming year we are all in.  So I am searching to find helpful things for my team so we can integrate the new CCSS into our lessons.  

I found a great site that is sharing a huge freebie with Common Core Math Skills Checks. Over 40 pages for free!  All she asks is that we share.  So please go check her out here.  

And here is the link to her freebie!! I love teachers who help each other.  I am eternally grateful and hope to pass on the wealth of help we can find here in blogland.  

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