Saturday, November 19, 2011

Foldable Fun!

I was waiting and waiting for Foldables week over at Thinking of Teaching, and then I got busy and missed it.  Now that I have a minute to myself (gotta love Saturday Morning cartoons for a good mommy moment) I can post and link up to show some of my foldable ideas.  Luckily the linkup is still available.  I hope you will hope over to  Foldables Week and see the other great ideas too. 

Here are some foldables I like to use.  The greatest thing is you can use them for just about anything. 

I use these flip books for lots of things.  They are easy to make. Just take 2,3 or 4 pages (or half sheets long ways) and line them up in a row just offsetting the ends by about an inch.  Then fold the top over so that all the tabs line up.  Then staple the top.  Write the word or a math problem you want to study on the flap and then lift up to draw a picture or write a definition or draw a math problem.

This is a neat little way to make a mini book.  You can write  and draw about anything, or put vocab words with illustrations.  You fold into eighths and then cut the middle like above.  Then grab the two that are standing up like mountians and pinch them together.  Then push the sides together so that the two sides that are touching the table in the picture are touching each other.  Then pull the pages together and it makes the little book like below.

I have been using these a lot for letter sound practice, shapes and position words.  I got the idea from Fran at Kindergarten Krayons and adapted them to what I needed in my classroom.  I have a couple of these as freebies on here if you wold like them. 

Thanks for checking out my Foldables ideas.  I will look for some more to add on here. 

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