Monday, October 24, 2011

Big Confidence boost!

Hey all!  I am sorry I have not posted in a little while.  I have been busy at school and home dealing with my little darlings.  Things are going well and I am feeling great about our routine.  I am already seeing such great progress.  I have had great success with my Writers Workshop.  They love following the 4 rules of writing as inspired by Kreative in Kinder.  Also, I had a chance to share what I have been doing in writing with my team at our last meeting and I got a really big compliment from my grade chair.  She is like the writing guru of our team, so it means a lot to hear her say she loves what I am doing.  :)

Another great big kuddo from my principal came this week too.  As part of some staff development, the whole faculty watched several videos of some of our staff teaching a small group math lesson.  It was great.  I love learning from my colleagues.  I received an email today from my principal asking to video me teaching a small group reading lesson to show in a faculty meeting.  I feel so honored that she asked me.  She is the kind of principal that you really want to impress.  I hope it goes well.  :)

I am working on a few things to upload.  I hope you will keep coming back.  I will get some more pictures up this week.  :)


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