Monday, October 3, 2011

Box Tops!!

I love collecting Box Tops and even have the girls trained to look for them on all our groceries. (I don't have daddy trained yet.)  I found an awesome announcement on Surviving A Teacher's Salary that Ford is teaming up with General Mills to give Box Tops to schools.  It is super easy!  It takes all of 10 minutes to earn 35 for your school.  Just register and watch 5 videos and request a brochure.  The videos are no longer than 2 mins. each.  Did you know they have a car that you can set parental limits on the radio volume and the speed for your teen drivers?? They also have a car that you can use buttons on the steering wheel to respond to a text.  I love these new safety features.  If I hadn't just bought a new car this summer I'd seriously be considering a Ford.  You also can get 250 Box Tops for buying a new Ford.  They also having a sweepstakes to give away 250,000 Box Tops.  You get three entries for referring friends and you can refer 3 per day.

Awesome!  Spread the news!!

Ford Drives Box Tops Sweepstakes
Click Here to start earning.  

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  1. Thanks for the FYI! I watched and earned for my school! I can't wait to spread the news!