Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A peek at my week...a little late

Linking up with Clutter Free Classroom again for a peek at the week ending 10/21.

My week was a short one.  We had a planning day on Monday (Yeah! I got my report cards and awards done).  Then we had a staff development day on Tuesday (Yeah again! I love collaborating with my team.  We shared a lot and I got a lot of good ideas from them).  So then the kids come on Wednesday after a nice long weekend all rested up and ready to get back to learning.  They were great all day. I really do have a great class both academically and behavior wise.  We finished up our unit on Friends at School and went outside to use sidewalk chalk with our friends from a couple other K classes.  What Fun!  On Friday we were able to sit on the curb in our bus lot and watch our High School's Homecoming parade.  They parade lines up on the street behind our school and then the start by driving through our bus lot first before going on to town.  It is really a treat. The kids love getting out of class and seeing the firetrucks, floats and especially the sirens.  It is a big deal for the whole town.  :)  All in all a good short week.

Here is a look at some of the great writing I have been getting from my cuties.  I am really impressed with how much they are learning.  Of course I have several who still need much guidance, but I thought these were shareworthy.

The pig jump in the mud. The pig (got?)    I don't think she finished  her sentence.

My horse likes (with the x on the next line for the /ks/ sound on the  next line) to play outside.

The kid (meaning a baby goat) fell in the mud.

The pig walks around the farm.  

Also, I created a little reader for one of my guided reading groups and I gave it to my 31/2 year old twin daughters just to see if they could grasp tracking the print and they did it!! I was so happy I made a video and posted it on Facebook.  I love seeing kids learn, especially my kids.  :) (My own kids and my school kids!)

Look at them tracking that print!  Love it!  The idea for the book cam from Fran Kramer @ Kindergarten Krayons!

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