Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fantastic lines

Last year I had a group that was not very good at staying quiet in the halls.  They walked heavy and crooked and someone was always lagging behind and making gaps which drive me CRAZY!  So this summer I was looking for ways to make the lines better and I knew the answer had to be a song.  I just happened upon a linky party about that very thing...songs we use in our class.  I use tons of songs, I love to sing and don't mind acting silly for the benefit of the kids' learning.  I have songs for math, writing your name on your paper, handwriting, phonics and now...A song for getting in line properly!!!  Thanks to my blogging buddy Marlana over at Lil' Country Kindergarten.  She sent me the words to her catchy little tune and it works like a charm.  They love to sing along and sing it really loud when we are lining up from recess.

The other thing that has really helped was found on Pinterest.  A teammate found it and she so sweetly made one for each of us in the pod with our theme color and we added little Cricut creatures to match our theme.  It is a great quick reminder as we head out the door.  They love the last S...Smiling!  If I have great lines, I am definitely smiling!
My 4S Line poster and the words to the catchy tune Marlana shared with me just in case I forgot them,
but now the kids sing it for me.  

I love the little bees cut on the Cricut.  I love my Cricut!

We also try to get compliments from other teachers in the hallway so we can add some complement jewels to our compliment jar.  I just bought little shiny stones from the Dollar Tree and place them in a jar.  When we get to a certain number we get a small reward.  It is amazing what a little Hershey Kiss will do for you.  I don't give out many candy treats, but this is just small.  :)


  1. That is a small idea but I can imagine can work wonders. I teach in 3 different classrooms of all ESL learners. Some of them take a long time to learn how to line up properly and safely. We have problems mostly with students not leaving any space between them and the student ahead of them, so I may add S for space. It is a really fantastic idea though. Love the compliment jewels!

  2. Very cute idea! We are the bee's at our school too! I can't wait to borrow a few ideas!