Monday, September 19, 2011

My first Freebie!!

I learned so much from the Blogging 101 Expo and I am trying them out.  :)  I am trying to share a document for a station that I made to review some beginning sounds.  We use Saxon Phonics in my county and the first 4 letters are L,O,G and H.  So the activity reviews those letter sounds.  I got the idea for this flip book from Fran @ Kindergarten Crayons and then modified it to meet our needs.  Thanks for the inspiration Fran!

The students cut the dotted lines between each letter and then fold the flaps down. ( I like to fold first and then cut, but the kids were cutting both sides of the page at first so I told them to cut with it open and then fold.)  Then they can color and cut out the pictures and glue them under the correct beginning sound flap.  They loved it as you can see.  :)

Enjoy my very first FREEBIE!!!

LOGH Flip Book

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  1. Thanks for sharing this freebie! (kindergarten days)