Saturday, September 24, 2011

A peek at my week

Hello!  I am joining in with Clutter-Free Classroom for a peek at my week linky party.  Yeah!
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We had a really good week.  I am really impressed with how quickly they are learning.  They are so excited to see that they can read a book and write a sentence.  It is amazing to watch them learn.

We do Saxon Phonics so we have done the letters l,o,g,h, and now t. So we can really start to build lots of words.  We built a caterpillar to add all our CVC words to. Click here to see our caterpillar.

 We sorted letters written in different fonts.  They really liked this and it kept them engaged for a good amount of time.  However, I discovered they need a quick lesson on how to cut the letters out without cutting the paper into a thousand little pieces of scraps that end up all over the floor.  :)

This week was also Freedom week so we talked about our country and our freedom and read about the Pledge and what it means.  We practiced saying it together.  I love it when they think the word "indivisible" means that we can't be seen like invisible.  :)  Funny!  We also made a Flag in our Poetry Journals.  We read the poem and then they made the flag on the paper using pre-cut pieces.  They also circle sight words and the letter T in the poem.

In writing  we are learning to draw a picture, label it and then use the labels to write a sentence.  We have been writing about our families using sight words "the" and "my".  We wrote about things their family does together.  I didn't bring anything home this weekend to grade or I could put a picture of some.  :( Maybe I can add one later. 

In math we have started working on the numbers 6-10.  We are counting and making sets of 6 right now and writing the number 6 and the number word six.  Our Math series is kind of backwards.  We start with 0-5, then 6-10 and then chapter 4 is adding and subtracting.  It is really messed up we think. They just barely learned to count and write the numbers.  They are not ready to add and subtract this early in the year. We are going to move the chapters around and do shapes and patterns next, then we will go back to adding and subtracting after Christmas.  

We did some good science this week too.  The lesson was on living and non-living things.  I was really surprised to find that many of the kids did not know plants are living.  So it was a great learning opportunity to talk about what makes things live.  :)   I love Science, but find very little time to squeeze it in.  

How do you guys find time to teach Science??

That sums up my week. Thanks for taking a peek!


  1. Nice week! Are you following the new Common Core in math yet? We just got it this week and I am still trying to adapt/plan for it!

  2. Found your blog through the TBA linky party.
    I'm a new follower. Have a great school year.


  3. Laura,
    We are being held to the Common Core this year. They are starting with K in our state and then the other grades will follow. Thanks for coming to my blog. :)