Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A peek at my stations this week

I have been feeling really great about my stations this week.  Things are going much more smoothly.  The kids are getting the hang of where to go and what to do without me.  I love seeing their independence come out.  Here are some of the great things we are doing...pretty much all inspired by great blogs.  :)
A couple literacy and a few more math...

They love to stamp, I love it too even thought it is messy.  I can't remember where I got this, please tell me if it is from you.  I will keep looking and update when I remember.  

Love a flip book to review the beginning sounds for L,O,G and H.  I got the inspiration from Kindergarten Crayons for this one.

Race to Trace dice game is from Sheri Sloane.

Counting Clothes pins - again, can't remember, but I will look on it at school tomorrow and update.

The are Learning Pallets and they have several different cards and levels

Using bingo dotters to make groups of 5.  They dot, then circle.  They come out nice when they don't go splatting the dots willy-nilly. :)


  1. Hey Tawnya!
    Thanks for visiting my blog! I am now a follower of yours too! I taught kindergarten for 3 years a couple of years ago and am now back in first. You kinder teachers are amazing to me!

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